Free Game: Tetris Battle


Tetris is one of the oldest, simplest puzzle video games out there and its not too surprising that it is still extremely popular. However, playing Tetris by yourself can get boring, which is why Tetris Battle is so much fun. You play against people from across the globe, achieving numerous victories to move up in the ranks, from newbie to intermediate, to pro and whiz and whatever lies beyond! There are two versions of this fun time-waster online. The first one is an application over on Facebook called TETRIS BATTLE.

The Facebook edition of this free game is downright cutthroat. You can either play one on one with other Facebook users, do 4 player “Sprint” matches (get 40 lines as fast as you can while racing against three other players), and 6 player Battles (top three get all the glory).

There’s a nifty shop where you can spend your game tokens (or “Tetris cash”) to either buy energy (an annoyance if you get really addicted and want to keep playing) or customize your Tetris blocks. Though its a bit buggy (sometimes there’s a second of lag, or a block ends up somewhere other than where I could have sworn I put it) its a pretty solid game, and should keep you entertained for hours. CLICK HERE to play!

The second version can be found over at It’s pretty much the same game, with one huge exception: You can play as much as you want; no energy canisters necessary. You do have to wait a bit between matches while ads flash across the screen briefly, but its a minor annoyance and gives you time to psych yourself up and stretch out your tired fingers.

Also, unlike Facebook, you do not have to register to play, however if you do register, you will find yourself battling to jack up your level and prove to the world that you are the true Tetris master! But before you go off and play, lets take a quick gander at what makes this worthy of your free time:

  • It is 100% free!
  • You don’t need to download anything; its flash-based (I believe) and runs straight from your browser!
  • Relatively glitch free!
  • Simplistic, fun, and highly addictive!
  • Highly challenging; very competitive!
  • The game does have its annoyances (lose enough times and you’ll find yourself going from being a “Tetris Whiz” to being an “Intermediate”) but overall, its a solid way to kill time, and hey, the price is right. If you like Tetris and puzzle games in general, this will be right up your alley!

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